Natural fruits and vegetables have numerous nutritional benefits, and many people have now turned to juicing at their homes instead of buying processed juices. But to enjoy these benefits, you must buy the best juicer. Below is a best fruit juicer review that contains useful information you can use when buying a fruit juicer.456h765g

Facts about best fruit juicer review

This review is for Breville 800JEXL. This is a fast, easy to clean and well-built centrifugal fruit juicer.


  • 1000watt motor – it enables it to juice a wide range of produce. Its low speed is 6500 RPM for softer produce whereas its high speed is 13000 RPM for harder produce.
  • Large feed tube – it accommodates whole vegetables and fruits, no need of pre-cutting the produce.
  • Stainless construction – it gives the juicer a strong and modern look.
  • Locking arm – The juicer can only be powered if the locking arm is properly secured. This ensures total safety when using the user. Also, it has an automatic mechanism that prevents it from overheating.
  • Big containers – they collect all the juice and pulp. The capacity of its container is 34 ouches, which is enough for several servings.
  • Easy to clean – its components are easy to assemble and disassemble making cleaning effortless. Some of its parts are also dishwasher safe, and the juicer comes with a cleaning brush.


  • Its high speed makes juicing of all kinds of fruits and vegetables very fast
  • It is easy to disassemble, clean, rinse and reassemble
  • Its stainless steel construction makes it durable and resistant to damages
  • It has very low pulp level thus most of the juice produced will be pulp-free.
  • It produces large quantity of juice (high juicing yield)
  • It has a great design that makes it look good and stylish when placed on your kitchen counter. You will feel good to have this juicer in your kitchen.
  • It has great performance because of the simple and straight forward juicing process. So you will enjoy using it daily.


  • Its high speed produces louder noise that will make everybody in the house and your neighbors know that you are juicing
  • The juicer is among the most expensive centrifugal juicers available in the market.
  • Most users of this juicer complain of the frothy juice produced. This is simply because of the high speed, which introduces air (foam) in the juice.
  • It is usually not good at juicing leafy veggies, such as wheatgrass, kale, and spinach.