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Best Gym Equipment For Your Home

5678kjWith proper planning and commitment, you can make your home gym a fitness or health club that allows you to do all kinds of exercises and keep your body fit and healthy. This can be achieved by having the best home gym equipment. If you want to start or upgrade your home gym, know that the equipment below is the best. The equipment have been categorized based on their most suitable exercises

List of best equipment for your home gym

1. Cardio equipment

56787kjhThe equipment is best for cardio workouts for the full body. They include a treadmill, elliptical machine, an air bike, rowing machine, punching bag and fitness trampoline. The treadmill is very good for running workout, which strengthens most of the body muscles and improves heart function. The elliptical machine has low impact workout hence it is most suitable for people with back pains and joint problems.

The air bike allows you to choose your preferred resistance and pedal against it. The equipment is very good for the upper body, arm, and leg workouts. The rowing machine helps you to burn calories, enhance cardiovascular function, improve endurance and tone muscles. The punching gives you something solid to hit using all your energy, sweat and release stress. The fitness trampoline improves blood circulation and heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

2. Strength equipment

They mainly comprise of adjustable dumbbells, weight-lifting bench, and medicine balls. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to vary free weights you lift, starting from low weights and increasing them as your strength rises. It helps you lift your free weights easily, comfortably and safely, and change positions as you need. Medicine balls are suitable for a variety of workouts of sit ups, squats, curls, and lunges. The machine keeps your whole body involved in the exercises.

3. Flexibility equipment

fg546u7j7hThey comprise of exercise mat, form roller, jump rope, ab wheel, and a pull-up bar. An exercise mat is used for yoga, pushups, ab work and workout stretches. This is very useful especially if you start feeling pain any day you skip your routine workouts. It rolls out tight muscles and knots. Having a pull-up bar in your home gym will motivate you to do several pull ups in small bits. This equipment helps many people to do this quite difficult workout.

The jump rope will improve your blood circulation very quickly, and it is a good substitute for running workout. The ab wheel will flatten your stomach very quickly and give you a flat tummy.…

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